Home Staging

Q:What is home staging?

A:Home staging is home merchandizing. It is showing your home in the best light possible to attract more buyers. If done correctly, this can bring measurable value to your property. Many people assume staging is simply repairing, cleaning, de-cluttering, and packing up any personal items. However, these are only steps in the home-staging process. As Certified Canadian Staging Professionals, the Four Corners Home Solutions team sees your home objectively, through the eyes of potential buyers. We make recommendations for home improvements to help maximize its value. Finally, we showcase your home, using strategic arrangement of furniture, artwork and accessories to help highlight its best features, making your home more competitive and broadening its market appeal.

Q:Why hire Four Corners Home Solutions?

A:Julia and Samantha are Certified Canadian Staging Professionals, Vacant Staging Specialists, Residential Renovation Project Managers, and Certified Colour Consultants. Both received their professional training through the CSP International™ Business Training Academy – one of the leading real estate home staging education providers in the world. Our family team will work with you to find the best solution for your home that fits your budget and your space. As staging professionals, we know how to use lifestyle selling techniques to help buyers connect with your home and want to make it theirs.

Q:What should I expect when I call?

A:Once you have made your decision and decided to call Four Corners Home Solutions, we will discuss some minor details about your home and your goals in selling. We get an initial feel for which solutions may work best for your situation. We will discuss next steps with you, and when you are ready, The Four Corners of Successful Home Staging and Selling will begin!

Q:Does a house need to be staged in order to sell?

A:Quite simply, no. With enough time, and at a low enough price, any home will sell. However, even in a strong real estate market, homes that have been staged are known to sell at a higher price and in less time. A professionally staged home will appeal to more potential buyers, making it more competitive. This works in two ways: a clean and crisply staged home entices buyers searching online and will get them through the door; once there, strategic showcasing will allow them to see themselves in the space, adding to the home's appeal and its value.

Q:Why should I spend more money on a house I’m trying to sell?

A:It is true that with enough time, and at a low enough price, any home will sell. However, home staging is an important element of a successful home sale. Staging works to maximize value and minimize time spent on the market. Generally, home staging will cost you less than your first price reduction. A home that is properly prepared for sale, professionally staged, competitively priced and effectively marketed, will provide you with your best possible return.

Q:How much should I spend on home staging?

A:The amount you spend on staging depends on a number of factors: your budget, the size of your home, the condition of your home, whether your home is occupied or vacant and how much work you are willing to do yourself. Four Corners Home Solutions will work with you to tailor a staging package that meets your home’s needs while working within your budget. Over 90% of people begin their buying journey online. Staging leads to beautiful pictures, putting your home on a buyer’s must-see list.

Q:Do I need to stage my vacant house?

A:An empty house does not feel like a home. Buyers tend to buy emotionally. Without furniture, buyers have trouble judging the room size, and they are more likely to notice imperfections in the house. Vacant spaces do not feel welcoming and give less reason for a buyer to linger. The longer a buyer stays, the more likely they will begin to feel an attachment to your home and imagine themselves living there. A vacant home might also be seen as a sign that you, the seller, need to offload the property and could result in lower offers.

Q:My house is vacant: My budget is tight; can I place a few pieces of furniture in select rooms?

A:When it comes to staging, it is best to fully stage a room to achieve the warmth and vitality needed to invite buyers to experience all your home has to offer. Sporadic placement of pieces of furniture can have an opposite effect, leaving rooms cold and barren and causing buyers to pass through too quickly and not explore your home. If you are unable to stage the entire home, then it is recommended that you fully stage the priority rooms of the home, while leaving secondary rooms empty. Four Corners Home Solutions will work within your budget to tailor a staging package that will broaden your home’s appeal to attract buyers.

Q:Why should I, as a real estate professional, recommend home staging to my clients?

A:Staging will address the condition of your client’s home and showcase it effectively. A professionally staged listing will broaden the market appeal, yet speak directly to a targeted buyer. Your listings will look more professional, adding to your image. Our team will address any decorative or condition issues you may not feel comfortable discussing with your clients. We will help free your time to focus on what you do best. Through a quick and profitable sale, you will be able to turn your efforts onto finding your next listing. Ultimately, our family team has the same goal that you do: to help your client get the most value for their home, in the least amount of time.

Q:Why can’t I simply tell my clients how to stage their home?

A:Time is money, every hour you spend preparing one of your listings is another you aren’t spending to market the property or pursue another listing. You can request the client to clean, de-clutter and pack up any personal items, but this is only the bare minimum in preparing a home for sale. Do you feel comfortable recommending paint colours? Do you have time to reposition furniture and accessories to best suit the room? If the property is vacant, do you have the furniture and accessories to furnish the property? Our team has the training, the knowledge, and the dedication to work with your client and properly showcase the strengths of their property. Your success is our success.

Q:Do I have to pay to stage my listings if I recommend this service?

A:Whether or not you pay for the home staging is completely up to you. Some agents will pay for the initial consultation as part of their marketing package, some will reimburse a portion from their commission, while others will just refer clients. It all depends your comfort level. More and more, sellers are paying staging costs as they are the ones who ultimately benefit from the results. Visit Real Estate Professionals for more information.