The Staging Consultation

If you want to sell your home quickly and at the highest price possible, it is crucial for you to understand how potential buyers will view your home.

While the primary selling rooms are key to moving your home quickly, you still need to know how your whole home will affect buyers. Why spend hard-earned dollars dressing up the main rooms and neglect the water mark in the back bedroom that will drive buyers out the door? You might know that the water leak is an old problem, but buyers won’t.

At Four Corners Home Solutions, we are trained to see your property through a buyer’s eyes. This is the true value of a staging consultation. We assess ALL your home’s saleable features. Why? Because what we would want for our family is what we want for yours.

Our family team believes you need the right information to make the best decisions for you. Ultimately, it’s your home and it’s your choice. Our goal is to provide you with options based on what your WHOLE home needs to make it SALE-ready. Why settle for anything less?

Staging Consultation: 1 to 3 hours depending upon home size and consultation style selected. Consultation options vary from a walk and talk, where you will be encouraged to take notes, to our team providing you with a detailed, written report, to an “all hands on deck” staging consultation and staging package where we work alongside you.

Each consultation will outline the stepping-stones you need to follow for a successful home sale:

  • Curb appeal: we will show you how to increase your home’s curb appeal and ensure it stays on a buyer’s must-see list after a drive-by.
  • First impression: what statement does your home make? Would a buyer want to see more?
  • Focal points, function and traffic flow in each room. Are your home’s architectural features properly highlighted? Will buyers see your home’s unique selling points?
  • Lighting, hardware/fixtures, and window treatments. Do they enhance your home?
  • Best financial return options: what improvements are necessary to impact the sale. From simply cleaning and general repairs to specific upgrades and suggested staging-safe paint colours, you’ll receive the information you need to get the most from your home.
  • Information on how to prepare your home for sale so that you can decide how much, if any, help you will require.

Your Home – Your Choice

The staging consultation is complete and you now know exactly what needs to be done to prepare your home for sale. Now what?

Preparing Your Home

You decide how much support you need to prepare your home for sale

You may choose to save money by doing most of the work yourself. If so, you’ll find the handy Cover Your Corners checklists will help to keep you on track towards your goal.

If your personal or work schedule does not permit you to be involved, then our team can assume this role for you. After you’ve had time to review our top recommendations and your budget, we can discuss your options and then you’ll receive a Your Home – Your Choice Project Management Proposal tailored to meet your needs. Services we might coordinate/deliver include:

  • sorting and packing of household goods;
  • delivery of donation items and disposal of unwanted goods;
  • complete cleaning of interior/exterior;
  • general household repairs;
  • replacement of lighting, faucets, and cabinet hardware;
  • replacement of flooring and/or carpeting;
  • painting in staging-safe colours;
  • other strategic home improvements, as agreed.

Project Management fees reflect the scope of the work involved. Responsibilities and payment terms are outlined under a separate agreement.

Once the preparation work has been done and your home is ready to be staged, our family team will come back to showcase your home.

Showcasing Your Home

Ensure a high ranking on potential buyers’ must-see list

Gone are the days when home staging, including showcasing, was an add-on, luxury expense. Today it’s a strategic, savvy investment if you want to achieve top dollar and a faster sale.

Showcasing will ensure quality, online photographs and broadens your home’s appeal, while targeting specific buyers with lifestyle selling techniques. From furniture placement to careful selection of artwork and accessories, each staged space is arranged to speak to buyers.

Following our Staging Consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and then once tailored to meet your needs and budget, you’ll receive the Your Home – Your Choice Staging Proposal.

Your tailored proposal may include up to three showcasing options that will increase the WOW factor and help your home stand out against the competition:

  • All Yours: using only your own furnishings.
  • All Accessorized: using your furniture, but strategically modernizing your home with select pieces of rental artwork and accessories that will appeal to the targeted buyer.
  • All-in: bringing select pieces of rental furniture to complete or update primary rooms, together with art and accessories, as required to optimally showcase your home.

The cost of services will vary depending upon the size and requirements of each home.

Please note: for sanitary reasons and for your protection, comforters and select bedding/bath accessories used in staging occupied homes will be purchased for and become the property of the homeowners.

Fees for Service include, if applicable:

  • staging fee, including design, planning, sourcing, and arrangement of staging goods;
  • one month, or more, rental fee(s);
  • delivery, assembly, and light cleaning of, take-down, packaging and pick-up of rental staging goods;
  • de-staging service;
  • shopping service.

Terms of payment: 50% plus taxes due upon signing of staging contract; balance plus taxes due by staging day.

If purchases (select bedding/bath accessories) have been identified and agreed to, the amount specified in the staging contract plus applicable taxes is to be paid in full upon signing. Delivery charges for any purchased furniture may be billed separately.

Once staged, you can follow our Simply Showcased Checklist to keep your home in viewing condition and let the silent salesperson do the rest.

Step into the right corner with Four Corners Home Solutions.

Let our family show you how.

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