First Corner: The Staging Consultation

By inviting our family team of staging professionals into your home for a consultation, you will be taking an important first step in selling your home quickly, for the highest price possible.

Television shows focused on home design as well as the internet have dramatically changed how home buyers shop, raising expectations. Over 90% of home buyers begin their shopping online, quickly eliminating properties that don’t match the competition, are not showcased effectively, or don’t appear move-in ready.

To help you compete, the Four Corners Home Solutions team will assess the market readiness of your home and provide you with the information needed to help you prepare your home for sale.

Armed with our top recommendations to gain the highest potential financial return, you will be able to select those that fit within your budget and can be completed by the date you have chosen to market your home.

With your input, our team will tailor a staging package that best suits your needs.

An Occupied Home Staging Consultation or a Vacant Home Staging Confirmation/Consultation is the prerequisite to a good home selling experience.

If you or your loved one require more help in preparing your home for sale or settling into your new one, then RIGHTsizing might better suit your needs.

Second Corner: Preparing Your Home

Today’s home buyers are looking for move-in ready homes. Ensure your home is in tip-top condition with the right preparation.

This step is often what people think of when they envision home staging: cleaning, packing up the inessentials, and performing any painting, home repairs, or minor renovations that will bring your home in line with the competition.

This is also where you could save money by doing most of the work yourself. While preparing your home for sale can seem like an overwhelming task, you’ll find the handy Cover Your Corners checklists will help keep you on track towards your goal.

Or if your personal or work schedule does not permit you to be involved, then our team, as Residential Renovation Project Managers can oversee this process for you.

It’s your home – your choice

Third Corner: Showcasing Your Home

With your home fully cleaned and all the prep work done, we will make it photo-ready. Most buyers pre-select the homes they will visit during an internet search. Showcasing will ensure quality photographs and will help your home rank higher on their must-see list.

Effective showcasing ensures that your home will excel in today’s market and appeal to a broad audience, while targeting specific buyers with lifestyle selling techniques. From furniture placement to careful selection of artwork and accessories, each staged space is arranged to stand out to potential buyers – online and in person.

Fourth Corner: The Silent Salesperson

Once professionally staged, potential buyers will be able to emotionally connect with your home. Our family team will create memory points so that even after viewing multiple listings, it will be your home that buyers remember.

Staging is the silent salesperson.

Follow our Simply Showcased Checklist to keep your home in viewing condition and let our staging do the rest.

Your Home – Your Choice

The Four Corners Home Solutions family team will provide you with the information you require to select the solution that best suits your needs and budget.

A home that is properly prepared for sale, professionally staged, competitively priced and effectively marketed, will provide you with your best possible return.

Step into the right corner with Four Corners Home Solutions.

Let our family show you how. Contact us today at

To view more information on staging services and their costs, visit Occupied Home Staging or RIGHTsizing