As Certified Canadian Staging Professionals and Certified Colour Consultants, Julia and Samantha know how to get the most from your space, to create or enhance a room’s focal point, highlight your home’s architectural features, improve traffic flow or compliment your home’s fixed elements with the right colour mix.

Home Styling Consultation: a 2-hour in-home consultation, with delivery of a detailed Step into Home Styling Report.

The Home Styling Consultation package includes:

  • Review of your home’s orientation/fixed elements that will impact your colour options;
  • Review of furniture and accessories that you would like to use in your selected space(s); up to two adjoining spaces (e.g. living room/dining room, kitchen/family room or master bedroom/ensuite);
  • Discovery of your colour preferences and desired use(s) of selected living space(s);
  • Identification of potential accent walls/architectural features to be highlighted;
  • Colour chart with selected paint colours;
  • Delivery of selected paint chips (FREE larger samples, upon request);
  • Delivery of suggested floorplan with furniture layout for the selected space(s);
  • Suggestions for strategically modernizing your space(s) with new artwork and/or accessories (shopping services are available);
  • Suggestions for new furniture/changes, if required, to complete your new look.

As both Certified Canadian Staging Professionals and Colour Consultants, we have partnerships with leading paint stores, allowing you to benefit from special savings as you plan and prepare for your project. You will also receive a list of trusted painting professionals.

Additional Home Styling Services

Shopping: You have the suggested floorplan. You love the flow and suggested additions to revitalize your space. Our team will shop for just the right art and accessories to complete your new look.

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