You want to…

Make it your own

You have settled into your new home and the boxes are all unpacked. Now you are ready put your own stamp on this home so that it truly feels like yours.

Get the new home feeling

You’re bored with the wall colours in your home or how a particular living space feels. You find yourself browsing the internet, looking for inspiration but you don’t know where to begin.

You find yourself standing in the store, immobilized by the endless sea of paint chips before you.

We can help you find your colour confidence.

A Colour Consultation will ease your mind. Whether you are planning to have your whole house painted or simply to bring new life to one room, our family team can help you to navigate the sea of colours. You’ll discover your colour confidence, identifying which colours you love and what colour intensity you are most comfortable living with. You’ll be able to choose your favourite colours to revitalize your home.

As both Certified Canadian Staging Professionals and Certified Colour Consultants, we have partnerships with leading paint stores, allowing you to benefit from savings for your project.

Or maybe paint on the walls won’t be enough …

Sometimes your old furniture doesn’t work in your new home or you are ready to refresh your current one.

A Home Styling Consultation can get you on the right track with new paint colours and so much more. After clarifying how your primary spaces will be used, our family team will show you how to organize your furniture to permit the best traffic flow while accentuate focal points or architectural features. If you desire new furnishings or artwork, shopping service are available to help bring your new look together.

Or would you like a more “hands-on” experience …

A Staged & Styled for Living package may fit the bill. Our family team can work alongside you to optimize flow, creating a new room with your current furnishings. We’ll help you to showcase your art and accessories to best advantage. Or perhaps, you’ve picked out some sample flooring pieces or new cushions and would like some advice on what will work in your space.

Why wait to enjoy your home?

Step into the right corner with Four Corners Home Solutions.

Let our family show you how. Contact us today at

To view more information on our home styling services and their costs, visit Colour Consultation, Staged & Styled for Living or Home Styling Consultation