Let our family take care of your home transition needs so that you don’t have to.

We understand that for most of you, your home is your primary investment. When it comes time to sell, you want it sold quickly and for the most value the market can bring.

The fact that you are researching home staging already positions you for success. Staging a home is about much more than cleaning and decluttering. It includes effective showcasing that ensures quality photographs, ready to be viewed by today’s buyers. Learn about our staging services at The Four Corners of Successful Home Staging

You could be visiting our site for many reason. Maybe…

checkyou are just contemplating a move … or you’ve already bought a new home

You want to prepare your home so that it is assessed at the highest possible value by the listing agent. Visit Occupied Home Staging to learn where to begin.


you are redefining your life and you want to RIGHTsize

You are ready to streamline what you have accumulated through the years, and you need help to prepare your home for sale. Visit RIGHTsizing to learn how we can help.

checkyou have already moved, but your old house is not sold.

Vacant Home Staging will help bring potential buyers in the door.

checkyou are not moving or painting, but you know someone who is

You would like to present them with a Gift Certificate toward a Staging or Colour Consultation that will point them in the right direction.

Whatever reason brought you here, our family is ready to help.

Julia and Samantha, as Certified Canadian Staging Professionals and Certified Colour Consultants, can help you navigate these home decisions.

Step into the right corner with Four Corners Home Solutions.

Let our family show you how.

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