You are preparing or upgrading your home for sale and may be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices in paint colours or home finishes. You don’t know where to begin.

Why is finding the right colours so difficult?

Because colours are complicated.

Why should you care? You may just want a quick fix and a fast sale.

Because in home selling, colour matters, and colour mistakes can be costly.

Most of today’s buyers begin their home search online and are looking for move-in ready homes that will blend seamlessly with their personal style. It’s well-known that they’ll pay more for homes that show well and require minimal work.

If you want your home to be on the must-see list of more home buyers and to inspire the best offers, then you need to ensure it is in tip-top condition and use the right colours in preparing your home for sale.

We’re a family team of colour specialists, trained and certified in multiple systems to understand colours and how they work together. As trained Staging Professionals, we know how to strategically use colour to sell homes.

Whether you just need to paint – fast – or are also doing some minor upgrades, we’ve developed colour packages that can be tailored to your needs. Our unique colour-first design process will help you select colours to work with your home’s fixed finishes.

Preparing your home properly, with the right colours, will increase its perceived value and its desirability and lead buyers to your door.

Don’t throw good money away selecting and installing a new kitchen backsplash that clashes with the counter, or by painting an “on-trend” colour that doesn’t suit your home.

Let our team help you make the right colour choices from corner to corner.

Keep it simple and stress-free. Book your consultation or connect with us today.