Home Staging

Q:What is home staging?

A:Home staging is home merchandizing that shows your home in the best light possible to attract more buyers. If done correctly, it can add measurable value to your property. Staging usually defined as a 3-step process:

Step 1 – Consultation: Savvy sellers call professional stagers before a contractor to talk about home improvements or a real estate agent about listing. Why? A Staging Consultation helps home sellers avoid making unnecessary improvements and directs their focus to the ones today’s buyers value most.

Step 2 – Preparation: The Staging Consultation provides the top recommendations for areas of improvement, allowing you to prioritize your time and financial investment. If you think it will take too much time, effort and money to bring your home up to par, know that potential buyers will too, producing fewer and lower offers.

Step 3 – Showcasing: Professional showcasing ensures quality photographs, makes your home more competitive and broadens its market appeal. As most buyers begin their home search online, showcasing will raise your home higher on their must-see list – leading buyers to your door and inspiring higher offers.

A home that has been properly prepared for sale and professionally staged, is competitively priced and effectively marketed, will provide you with your best possible return.

Q:Why hire Four Corners Home Solutions?

A:For most people, their home is their most valuable asset and when it comes time to sell, they want it sold quickly and for the most money possible.

Home staging is a smart investment, when performed by a staging professional. Like most professions: you get what you pay for. As in any unregulated industry, it is important to look for the right credentials in the stager you choose.

Julia and Samantha are trained staging professionals and colour specialists, certified in two different colour systems. Why is this important? Because in home selling, colour matters.

Our family team uses a colour-first staging approach when assessing your home’s saleable features. Specializing in occupied home staging, the Four Corners’ family team will provide you with the information you require to select the showcasing solution that best suits your needs and budget and will help you attain your home-selling goals.

Our staging consultation and showcasing services involve two professionals: two sets of eyes, so nothing gets over-looked – added value at fair price.

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Q:What should I expect when I call?

A:We’d love to receive your call and answer any questions you have about our colour-first home staging process. We’ll listen to your goals for selling and together, decide on next steps.

When you are ready, we’ll gather some information about your home through a pre-consult phone interview or email questionnaire, and then book a Staging Consultation, following which we’ll be able to present a showcasing solution that will meet your home staging needs.

Q:What should I expect from the colour-first home staging process?

A:Our Staging Consultations always involve a team of two Certified Canadian Staging Professionals and Colour Consultants. We evaluate your home’s saleable features and inform you of the high-impact, strategic home improvements that will garner the best return and make your home market-ready.

From cleaning and packing away inessentials, to painting in staging-safe colours and making the necessary home repairs or upgrades, our Cover Your Corners guide will help you make your home showcase-ready.

Showcasing is a crucial step in converting your home into a house that is sale-ready. The Four Corner’s family team will work first with furniture and accessories that you already have. Some of our showcasing packages allow us to incorporate colour into your home in new ways, improving harmony and flow or adding energy where needed.

Once professionally showcased using our colour-first home staging approach, potential buyers will emotionally connect with your home. Our family team of colour specialists will create memory points so that even after viewing multiple listings, it will be your home that buyers remember.

Learn more about our home staging process in detail at Home Staging: The Four Corners of Success.

Q:Does a house need to be staged in order to sell?

A:Whether or not you have your home professionally staged/showcased is up to you. You are the one who decides what you want to achieve from the sale of your home.

With enough time, and at a low enough price, any home will sell. However, even in a strong real estate market, properly prepared and professionally showcased homes are known to sell at higher prices and in less time.

In any market, a Staging Consultation is a prerequisite to the best home selling experience. The Consultation by the Four Corners’ team will inform you of the high-impact home improvements that are needed for you to get the most from your home. You then determine the time and/or dollar investment you want to make.

A professionally and strategically showcased home will appeal to more potential buyers and be more competitive; this works by: (1) enticing buyers searching online and getting them through your door; and (2) allowing buyers to see themselves living there, adding to your home's appeal and its perceived value.

Professional home staging is a wise investment that attracts more buyers in less time and inspires higher offers.

Q:Why should I spend more money on a house I’m trying to sell?

A:Let us answer this question with our own. Can you afford not to invest in selling quickly and for top dollar?

Home staging, including professional showcasing, is an important element of a successful home sale. Staging works to maximize value and minimize time spent on the market. Generally, home staging will cost you less than your first price reduction.

Today’s home buyers are looking for move-in ready homes. Preparing your home properly will increase its perceived value and its desirability. The time and/or dollar investment you make to prepare your home will strongly and positively impact the sale. If you think it will take too much time, effort and money to bring your home up to par, know that potential buyers will too, and they’ll respond with fewer and lower offers.

A home that is properly prepared for sale, professionally staged, competitively priced and effectively marketed, will provide you with your best possible return.

Q:How much should I spend on home staging?

A:The amount you spend on the complete home staging process (from consultation, through preparing your home to professional showcasing), depends on many factors: your budget, the size of your home, the condition of your home, whether your home is still occupied, and how much work you are willing to do yourself.

The Staging Consultation allows you to make informed decisions and work within your chosen timeline and budget. The Four Corners’ team specializes in Occupied Home Staging and offers pre-bundled showcasing packages that can be tailored, as necessary, to meet your home selling goals.

Professional home staging is a wise investment. Most people begin their buying journey online and professional showcasing leads to beautiful pictures, putting your home on a buyer’s must-see list and inspiring higher offers.

Q:Why should I, as a real estate professional, recommend home staging to my clients?

A:A Staging Consultation will address the condition of your client’s home and professional showcasing will help you market it more effectively. A professionally staged listing will broaden the market appeal, yet speak directly to a targeted buyer. Your listings will look more professional, adding to your image.

Our team will address any decorative or condition issues you may not feel comfortable discussing with your clients. We will help free your time to focus on what you do best: marketing the home.

Through a quick and profitable sale, you will be able to turn your efforts onto finding your next listing. Ultimately, our family team has the same goal that you do: to help your client get the most value for their home, in the least amount of time. Happy, satisfied clients provide the best referrals.

Q:Why can’t I simply tell my clients how to stage their home?

A:Time is money, every hour you spend preparing one of your listings is another you aren’t spending to market the property or pursue another listing.

You can request the client to clean, de-clutter and pack up any personal items, but this is only the bare minimum in preparing a home for sale. Do you feel comfortable recommending paint colours? Do you have time to reposition furniture and accessories to best suit the room?

Our team has the training, the knowledge, and the dedication to work with your client and properly showcase the strengths of their property. Your success is our success.

Q:Do I have to pay to stage my listings if I recommend this service?

A:Whether or not you pay for the home staging is completely up to you. Some agents will pay for the initial staging consultation, adding a competitive advantage to their marketing package. Other agents choose to reimburse their clients a portion of consultation and showcasing expenses, while others will just refer their clients to our team. It all depends your comfort level, your marketing objectives, and your typical listings.

More and more, sellers are paying all staging costs as they are the ones who will ultimately benefit from the results.

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