Our family team will provide you with the information you require to select the home staging solution that best suits your needs and budget and will help you attain your home-selling goals.

Preparing a home for sale is about much more than cleaning and decluttering.

Even in a seller’s market, knowing what changes are needed could put more dollars in your pocket.

Remember, if you think it will take too much time, effort and money to bring your home up to par, know that potential buyers will too.

Inaction will reduce the number and value of the offers you receive.


Savvy sellers call professional stagers before a contractor to talk about home improvements or a real estate agent about listing.

Why? To avoid making unnecessary improvements, yet have time to complete the ones today’s buyers value.

Most home buyers begin their shopping online.

Buyers quickly eliminate properties that don’t match the competition, are not showcased effectively, or don’t appear move-in ready.

If you want to sell your home at the best price and in the least time, it is crucial for you to understand how potential buyers will view your home.

We specialize in occupied home staging.

Consultations involve our team of two Certified Canadian Staging Professionals and Colour Consultants visiting your home. We evaluate all your home’s sellable features and provide the information you need to make your home market-ready.

Two sets of eyes, so nothing gets overlooked – added value at a fair price.

Consultations are not rushed. Our team first conducts a pre-consult phone interview and then spends 2 to 3 hours in your home, depending upon home size and assessment required.

Using a colour-first staging approach to assess your home, we will then outline your path to a successful home sale – the one that delivers the greatest sales-impact.

From curb appeal and first impressions, to focal points and features, to traffic flow and where to apply any colour-fixes needed, you’ll learn what is needed to attract buyers.

You can then select the home improvements that fit within your budget and can be completed by the date you have chosen to market your home.

A Staging Consultation is the prerequisite to the best home selling experience. Book yours today.


Today’s home buyers look for homes that show well online and will avoid visiting homes that look like too much work. In fact, it’s well-known that buyers are willing to pay more for a move-in ready home.

If you want your home to be on the must-see list of more home buyers and to inspire the best offers, then you need to ensure it is in tip-top condition.

Our team’s consultation report informed you of the high-impact, strategic home improvements that need your attention.

We would also have suggested staging-safe colours, as needed. Now it is up to you.

Cleaning, packing away inessentials, painting and doing necessary home repairs or upgrades is an important step in a successful home staging – and selling – process.

Preparing your home properly will increase its perceived value and its desirability.

The consultation might also have recommended other home improvements, such as replacing a countertop or flooring, to increase your home’s value and bring it in line with the competition. Or you may have decided, on your own, to upgrade your home to sell.

During the home preparation process, you could find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of available product choices.

In home selling, colour matters.

Our team has developed packages to help you select the right colours, of the products available, to work with your current home. Don’t throw good money away selecting and installing a new kitchen backsplash that clashes with the counter, or by painting your kitchen cabinets in a colour that doesn’t suit your home.

Let our team help you make the right colour choices from corner to corner.

Learn more in colour to sell or connect with us today to explore your colour consultation options.


Home staging is home merchandizing and is accomplished in three steps: the consultation, the preparing of your home and finally, the showcasing.

Homes are not fully staged until they are professionally showcased.

Showcasing is a crucial step in converting your home into a house that is sale-ready. It is the step most overlooked, but is often the most needed and brings added value to your property.

Gone are the days when home staging, including showcasing, was an add-on, luxury expense. Today it’s a strategic investment. Even in a seller’s market, showcasing adds value to your home.

Professional showcasing ensures quality, online photographs that catch buyers’ eyes.

Following a Staging Consultation, your goals and showcasing options will be discussed and you may select a showcasing package or have one tailored to your home’s staging requirements. Once you have prepared your home for sale, then your home will be showcase-ready.

We always work first with furniture and accessories that you already have. In today’s market, it is often necessary to strategically accessorize a home with purchases and/or rental items.

Showcasing leads buyers to the door by making it colour– and photo-perfect.

With a Stage-RIGHT Showcasing package, we will incorporate colour into your home in new ways, masterfully blending the old with the new, either neutralizing with accessories or adding pops of colour to improve harmony and flow or add energy where needed.

Although designed to attract today’s buyers, each home seller’s colour preferences and furniture style is carefully assessed and then further refined with strategic accessory choices. A Stage-RIGHT package brings showcasing to another level.

Your home moves higher on a buyer’s must-see list. It’s not by accident, but by design.

Showcasing clients have expressed their appreciation of how their spaces were rearranged, often commenting on new placements and wondering why they hadn’t done this before. Clients can be surprised to love some of the rental items brought in to modernize their homes.

Once professionally showcased by our team, potential buyers will be able to emotionally connect with your home. We’ll create memory points so that even after viewing multiple listings, it will be your home buyers remember.


A home that has been properly prepared for sale and professionally staged, is competitively priced and effectively marketed, will provide you with your best possible return.

Stage-RIGHT with Four Corners Home Solutions.

When staging becomes your silent salesperson.

Step into the right corner with Four Corners Home Solutions.

Move your home higher on a buyer’s must-see list. Let our family show you how.

Colour-first home staging. The right colours from corner to corner.

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