Let our family take care of staging your listings so that you can focus on selling.

Those of us in the real estate industry know how home design television shows and the internet have changed our world as well as how home buyers shop for their new homes. Today’s technology has both expedited the process and added increased pressure to have listed properties displayed at their very best. Both online and in person.

Staging used to be about cleanliness, clutter and condition. It used to be about neutralizing a property to broaden its appeal. Today, a home staging professional takes that well-defined process and then while showcasing your listing, adds an extra layer by using lifestyle selling techniques to appeal to a targeted buyer.

Professional showcasing is the silent salesperson – the quiet partner that helps your listings get sold.

Julia and Samantha, as Certified Canadian Staging Professionals, can be valuable members of your team. They are:

  • qualified to gently discuss a property’s market preparedness with your clients;
  • flexible, adapting their staging packages to meet your clients’ budget and time-line;
  • trustworthy, working hard to make your listings competitive and sale-ready;
  • trained, capturing each home’s best features and ensuring your listings are photo-ready;
  • professional, allowing you to focus your energies directly on your clients.

This family team can be the extra value you offer that will help you get your listings sold quickly, keeping your clients happy and increasing your referrals.

Step into the right corner with Four Corners Home Solutions.

Let our family show you how.

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