Good design begins with the right colours. Colours that complement each other and work together to create flow. Colours that make you feel good and enjoy being at home.

We all aim for good design, but we don’t always achieve it. Why? Because colours are complicated.

We’re a family team of colour specialists, trained and certified in multiple colour systems to understand colours and their many facets. 

We’ve developed a colour-first design process that includes four corners of success. No matter which home improvement corner you are in – from creating your design vision to selecting paint colours and hard finishes to choosing décor – we can help.

We’ll help you discover your colour confidence.


You want to update your home. You may have some great ideas and just need feedback, or you may not know where to begin. Do you choose paint colours first? Select the new countertop or flooring? What do you need to update your room? What goes or stays? It’s all so confusing!

Finding colours that fit your decorating style, your personality, and work with the fixed elements within your home is key to creating your colour story.

Our Colour Consultations begin with an easy-to-complete questionnaire to establish your project stage and tell us about your likes/dislikes and what you want to achieve.

We’ll adapt our services to meet your specific colour needs and use our unique colour-first design process to help you clarify a design vision that suits your home and decorating style. We’ll then help you narrow your choices and guide you to the right colours to experience the look and feel you desire in your home.

Whether you want to paint walls or cabinets, select hard finishes and carpets, put your stamp on a new home, or modernize with furnishings and décor, we’ll help you discover your colour confidence and move your project forward.

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Like many people starting a home improvement project, you might find yourself immobilized by an endless sea of paint chips, or you could be baffled by backsplash tiles or carpet sample boards. Why is finding the right colours so difficult?

Because colours are complicated.

Paint can change colours under different lighting conditions. Neutrals are exceedingly difficult. Undertones in paint and hard finishes can catch you unaware. Colour bias can also wreak havoc with your design. Colours you thought would work together – don’t.

Colour mistakes can be costly, in both time and money.

We can help. We’re a family team of colour specialists, trained and certified in multiple colour systems to understand colours and how they work together.

We make colours less complicated.

Our services are perfect for hands-on people who do their own decorating and home improvement projects, or are involved but hire small contractors/painters, and require qualified help to select the right colours and avoid mistakes.

Selecting colours you love that are also perfect for your home is the cornerstone of the successful use of colour in design.

We’ve combined our training to create a unique colour-first design process to help you choose the colours best suited to your home and decorating style.

Take the guesswork out of your colour decisions and choose the right colours from corner to corner. Book your consultation or connect with us today.


You may almost be done your home improvement project and are ready to decorate. But once in the stores, you may become overwhelmed by the number of choices and unsure of your décor decisions.

Is this decorator cushion too fussy? Are these colours too bright? Will that lamp work in my space? Is that rug the right size and will it clash with my couch? Is this vase too tall for my coffee table? What else do I need to create a good tablescape?

We can help you find your colour confidence and select décor that will work together and make your home feel just right.

As a family-run colour and home styling studio, we can easily tailor our services to better suit your needs. Using your favourite furniture pieces or hand-me-downs, we’ll help you put together a new look by artistically pairing them with suitable accessories.

We’ll work with you to provide uniquely-you services, making colours less complicated and styling selections easier.

A Colour Consultation, specific to décor, will help you clarify what is needed to complete your design vision.

We’ll use colour-first design principles in your home styling project, so that your home will display colour harmony and be filled with the colours you love.

We’ll help you create a plan to balance colours within your space to achieve the desired mood. We’ll then help you prioritize purchases so that you are ready to find décor that speaks to you. It’s not by accident but by design.

Our Colour and Décor Consultation will help you refine your colour palette and feel more confident in your décor choices. With sample colour chips in hand, you’ll be ready to select the perfect accessories to complement your room’s new look. If needed, we can then help you shop and discover décor that makes you feel good.

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A home that has been decorated or renovated using colour-first design principles will be filled with colours you love, colours that complement each other and your home, and make you feel good.

Create your colour story with Four Corners Home Solutions.

We make colours less complicated.


Achieve the look and feel you desire for your home. Let our family show you how.

Colour-first design. The right colours from corner to corner.

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